Sunday, 7 August 2016

Pop Culture

My husband and I LOVE Pop Culture, especially when it comes to music, television and movies. It's one of two things we have in common (the other is cats of course, we have 10 furkids). And how frustrated to fine a good and reasonable priced doll or toy version of our favorite musicians, celebrities, characters etc etc. BUT this adorable Funko Pop are the answer to this problem. They are cute, not too big, colorful and best of all, they aren't that pricey! (compare to other collectible based on pop culture) 

Here are some of my wishlist for funko pop:

And speaking on pop culture related doll or toy, I am EXCITED that next week Integrity Toys will reveal a brand new dolls line from their new license which fans think it will either My Little Pony (yay) or  American Horror Story : Coven (MAJOR YAY). About time! Give me Misty Day and Myrtle Snow dolls already!

What are you favorite pop culture inspired doll or toys???

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