Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Le Fleur

Meet the latest music duo sensation, Le Fleur featuring Fan Xie and Nyasha Lauder.

L2R - Fan Xie and Nyasha Lauder
Fan Xie loves K-Pop, anime and pop culture. 
Nyasha is into Euro Pop, food and fashion.

Both are wearing latest lace fashion by Malaysian's designer, Sazwan Ismail. Go check his fabulous facebook.

They also love to model the latest looks.
P/S : Fan Xie and Nyasha Lauder are dolls from Color Infusion line from Integrity Toys


  1. Hello! Precious dolls and beautiful outfits. I love her long curly hair. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am also following yours. Hugs!

  2. thanks for the visit dear...hugs too :D

  3. Gorgeous dolls (and clothes). I especially like Nyasha. She has a really pretty face.