Sunday, 31 July 2016

Top 6 Characters

My Top 6 characters in Fashion Royalty and NU.Face universe.

L2R - Dasha, Eugenia, Dania, Agnes, Isha and Nadja

And some history why I like these characters more than others.

At first, I was only going to get her just to complete my characters collection (still don't Anja, Korrine, Kesenia, Luchia Z, Tatyana and Tatyana 1.0 in my collection). And it was until a friend of mine whatsapp me a pic of Dasha as Anika as part of IFDC this year. Am a sucker for cream skintone, with darker lips and silver or platinum blonde hair. And after my husband surprised me with this doll, one look at her face and am all in. Instant favorite. Now need more of her! Currently only have one version of her which is Dasha as Anika Luxottica.

Eugenia Perrin-Frost
One of the reason why I LOVE Eugenia, is because she looks like a younger version of one of my favorite Integrity Toys' character, which is Victoire Roux (will talk about my other faves later). Then I did some digging on her character and found out she's British. Love, love, and love! But I must admit that I ONLY like Eugenia as a blonde or redhead. Currently I have three version of her. World on a String, As Dusk falls and my favorite, Regaining Grace.

Dania Zarr
I might love other characters because of their faces, but this lady... I love her because of her background first. I am a writer and been working with fashion industry before I switch to become a children writer. Somehow I can relate this character. Then she also has one of the most versatile face. Just change her make up and she looks like a complete new person! What's not to love? Currently I have for version of Dania which are, Flawless Impact, Careless Love and my favorites, Always on Her Mind and Rare Appearance.

Baroness Agnes von Weiss
What's not to love for the baddest mean girl in Fashion Royalty history? The most fierce Baroness Agnes von Weiss. That face. That attitude! And her background story is too much drama, which I LOVE! I love this lady so much, I would buy any version of her but who am I kidding? She is super pricey and I only manage to get only two version of her so far which I equally love, High Visibility and Aristocratic. Desperately need more Agnes and I'm praying this year's online event will be another Agnes or Dasha.

Isha Narayan Kalpana
Isha is my first love. Felt in love with Fashion Royalty because of her. As much as I love blondes, I have a major weakness for Indian dolls. And once I knew Isha is a Bollywood actress in Fashion Royalty universe, I was in love. In love with her face, her stories and how she is actually the nicest person ever who loves couture. Among all six favorites, I have Isha dolls the most, cause duh, I LOVE her and couldn't get enough of her and HOPE to get some of my Isha holly grails like Purple Pose, Final Cut Cannes Edition, Shimmering Chopper, Scene Stealer and Go North. For this characters, I have seven dolls. Age Of Opulence, Riveting Premier, Something Cool, Rare Find, Final Cut Hollywood, Style Notes and while this doll is more Luchia Z 1.0 than Isha, I still think she's Isha : Ombres Po├ętique Mademoiselle Jolie.

Nadja Rhymes
If Isha was my first love, Nadja Rhymes is my second love. Knew this NU.Face girl from a former great friend of mine. He loves Nadja as much as I love her. The trouble spoil rich brat who took amazing photo shoot as model but bring problem everywhere she goes. LOVE her exotic look and love the face her face is unusual. Not perfect but roundish. And Integrity Toys decided to change her look which gives me WTF moment. For me Nadja 1.0 (that's what they are calling her now) is perfection! Don't get me wrong. Nadja 2.0 is beyond fabulous and model-esque but how I wish she was a different character instead of Nadja. But I still LOVE Nadja, no matter how I make her. Currently I have all three original Nadja 1.0 and one Nadja 2.0. Only need Out of Sight Nadja to complete all Nadja dolls, but still not sure if am willing to forks out more money for the new Nadja which am not feeling that much. My current Nadja dolls are, Hard Act to Follow, Polarity, and two of my favorite Nadja, Urban Outfitter and The Illusionist.

What are your favorite FR and NU.Face characters??


  1. My fave FR/Nu Face etc.characters are Lukas, Adele, and Kyori. i like some of the others, but those are my faves.