Sunday, 31 July 2016

Dasha as Anika Luxottica

This is my first entry for my blog specially for dolls and toys. And there's no other doll suitable to be review than Fashion Royalty Dasha as Anika Luxottica.

Two reasons I chose this doll, it's because:

1. Dasha is one of my top 6 characters in FR / NU.Face universe
2. My husband bought her for ME. I was so surprise to get her since I lost right-to-buy lottery for this amazing doll. Husband bought her, used express shipping and voila, surprised me with this fabulousness! Is he the BEST husband or what???

This is when I first got her from my husband :D

Without further ado, here is what I think about this doll:

The face:
Simply AMAZING! Integrity Toys should do make blench eyebrows. Love her make up, her lips are perfection and her silver hair is just chic! Although I have to make comment about that sticker eyes, which am a bit torn. One way am a bit disappointed because the older dolls have hand painted eyes and it looked so much better. The other way, I sort of... don't mind? I mean, as long as they look great tho. If nobody told me about this, I wouldn't guess that they used sticker for Dasha's eyes. But Integrity Toys SHOULD warned their customers about this tho. It's shitty to change feature without heads up.

The Cyborg

The body:
LOVE, love the extra cyborg limbs and arms. What's not to love about them? Integrity Toys should explore more on this. 

The dress

The Dress
I love the idea that they used classic science lab coat to make sort of Qi Po look alike white dress. Also love the silver dots details. The only downside was, how I wish they pick different fabric. The dress looks fabulous on picture, but in real life, it was looking? Overall, the dress could have been better.

The accessories:
She came with a ring, a bracelet, earring, hair cuff and shoes. The ring, bracelet and earring are the same ones from Elyse Jolie J' Adore La Fete Giftset, minus the necklace, which I don't mind since for Dasha, the color is white. And the silver hair cuff is just fabulous, suitable for 'robotic' theme for Dasha. But what I LOVE the most from the accessories is, the shoes! Such a KILLER shoes! Integrity Toys make the best shoes, but these shoes are the best!

The packaging:
She came in this special edition 'Love Mission' theme package and it was super cute. Although I prefer the black normal FR box, but the box will do. But her stand is a little bit meh for. Too simple? Maybe I just prefer the glass square FR new stand more.

Redressing her with polka dots couture from The Royal Treatment Veronique Perrin Giftset.


  1. wow, so efficient's good to share the feeling of getting doll. congratz to have Dasha

  2. Wow, you have an amazing husband. Buying this doll on the aftermarket is quite pricey! The shoes alone can cost upwards of $40! (I know because I lost a bid on eBay for a pair!) Have not seen the dress in person, but my guess is that they wanted something "space age." Because tech fabrics are never natural, materials with a cyber look will always have a metallic sheen or artificial feel to them which we normally associate with cheap Barbie clothes. But all in all Dasia has a most interesting 21st century look to her. She is gorgeous! Congratulations on getting her!

    1. yes, am pretty lucky to have him as my husband hehehe...

      and this dasha is soo fabulous... everything about her is perfection! :D Hope you will get her soon, the best doll from IT so far.